Vehicle Health Check

Increase the efficiency of your vehicle checks, maximise customer loyalty and create structure and overview in your workshop proces.

Marketing from your workshop.

The Vehicle Health Check by WEBSOLVE is a mobile application that allows mechanics to perform vehicle checks in a structured, efficient and easy way. Using a step-by-step approach, each part of the vehicle is inspected while registering what needs to be done to improve its condition on the tablet.

The application then sends out reports and advised repairs, directly to the owner of the vehicle after being checked by the workshop manager. This allows additional work to be approved instantly and allows the customer to be informed about the status of and work to be done to his of her vehicle.

A new generation VHC

Online, efficient and paperless.

The 10 steps of the VHC

Using a direct link with your DMS, workshop planning is loaded into the VHC application every day. 1
The workshop manager assigns vehicles to mechanics using the admin panel. 2
A mechanic grabs his tablet, boots up the VHC app and sees which vehicles he needs to service today. 3
The mechanic starts the Vehicle Health Check and enters the results into the tablet. These are sent to the owner of the vehicle. 4
The owner of the vehicle receives the results including an overview of work that is suggested to be done, and costs as well. 5
The owner of the vehicle agrees to the costs. The mechanic receives a confirmation message instantly. 6
The mechanic performs the work as agreed and enters it into the tablet when he is finished. 7
The owner receives the end report and is told the vehicle is ready for pickup at the dealership. 8
Pickup of the vehicle is fast and efficient, since the owner already knows what work has been done. 9
An informed and satisfied customer leaves the dealership with a perfectly serviced vehicle. 10

Clear communication, satisfied customers.

A beautiful report, tailor made.

After the Vehicle Health Check has been performed, an extensive report is sent to the driver of the vehicle via email. For each section of the car, details are provided regarding status, what has been done, and what is advised to be done in addition. The additional work is presented in a clear overview including costs. The driver of the vehicle can agree to the additional work directly.

Optimisation of your workflow.

Insights into the workshop proces.

In addition to the tablet application that is used by mechanics in the workshop, an extensive admin panel is made available to be utilised by managers to assign vehicles to mechanics, to monitor progress of vehicles in the workshop and to generate usefull management information. All of this happens fast and easy, directly from your web browser.

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