Service Messages

Send the right messages, at precisely the right moment, through the right channel. Completely automatic and based on realtime customer data and planning.

The right message,
at the right moment.

The Service Messages solution by WEBSOLVE analyses customer details, scheduled touchpoints and workshop planning within your DMS and uses this data to automatically send out personalised messages through email & SMS text.

The package offers a large number of pre-defined moments on which messages are sent out, but you may also let us configure custom ‘events’ based on your specific needs.

Dealers have full control using an extensive management console. You configure which messages are sent out and what the content is. In addition, statistics regarding sent messages and conversions that followed can be monitored.

Get close to your customer.

A perfect moment
for a perfect message.

Many types of messages available.

During the so-called ‘customer journey’ many moments occur at which a brief message can have extensive added value in either the ongoing relationship with a vehicle owner or in the optimization of a commercial opportunity that exists at that very moment. In order to get the most out of such moments, the package offers many types of messages for you to use right away.

  • After a new quote has been given.
  • After a sales agreement has been signed.
  • Before the delivery of a (new) vehicle.
  • Before the end of a lease contract.
  • After a registration number is available.
  • After the delivery of a vehicle.
  • Before a workshop visit.
  • Before an MOT expires.
  • Before a warranty term expires.
  • After not having visited the workshop for a while.
  • On the birthday of a customer.
  • On the birthday of a vehicle.
  • After becoming a customer.

A good message
is a smart message.

The structure of an email.

Every message that is sent is unique and adapts fully to aspects such as brand, dealer branch, recipient name, vehicle type, model and registration number and any special offers that might be relevant for a certain type of car.

Dealer/brand identity image
Personal salutation
The actual message
Links 'Calls to action
Special offer
Social media links & contact details
Unsubscribe link,link to customer portal

Every message is unique and personal.

Variations, variations, variations.

Your identity means consistency.

Suitable for any brand.

Messages are fully customisable to the identity and style of your brand and if needed to that of specific dealer branches. Basically anything is possible here.Of course all messages are device responsive so that they look good on all screen sizes out there.

Good messages scale
on all display sizes.

Looks great on any device.

In our modern world messages are being read on a vast array of different devices, from desktop computers to laptops and from smartphones to smart watches. This means that messages you send out need to be able to adapt to screensizes and to always be perfectly readable. The Service Messages package has got you covered.

Large screen, e.g. laptop
Small screen, e.g. smartphone

Manage your
outgoing messages.

You are in control.

WEBSOLVE offers an extensive backend that allows you to manage all aspects of service messages. You can enable and disable messages, set moments and frequencies they are sent at, manage content of emails and SMS messages and review statistics to see how many messages were sent and how they converted.

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