Satisfaction Research

Measure customer satisfaction about your sales and service proces. Use the results to improve your branch and to increase customer loyalty.

To measure is to know.

WEBSOLVE has been helping the largest brands in the automotive industry in measuring customer satisfaction and processing feedback for over 10 years.

Our comprehensive package links with your Dealer Management System (DMS) and invites your clients to provide feedback on their sales and service experience.Meanwhile you are in control through an extensive administration panel that you can use to manage questionnaires and to view results (individual and aggregated).

Ask your customer.

Flexible questionnaires.

Ask any question imaginable.

Measuring satisfaction and collecting feedback starts with building the right ques- tionnaire. People are easily tired of too much surveys and need a compact and easy-to-use questionnaire that lets them provide their opinion efficiently.

Thanks to a multi-purpose questionnaire generator, many different question types and intelligent routing this becomes reality with WEBSOLVE.

Many question types available, like:

  • Level of satisfaction
  • Level of agreement
  • Multiple choice, 1 answer
  • Multiple choice, multiple answers
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Judgement (grade/ good-bad)
  • Star Rating (1-5 stars)
  • Open questions

Dynamic routing

It all starts
with a nice invite.

Send invitations with style.

After a (new) vehicle has been delivered or has been through the workshop, an invitation is sent automatically by email to the driver of the vehicle. The layout of the email is fully adjustable and consistent with your corporate identity. Also beforehand, a check is done if the customer has not already been approached recently.

Collecting data on every type of device.

Giving feedback, fast and easy.

After a customer has clicked the link in the email, he or she is transferred to the questionnaire directly. The questionnaire will automatically adapt its layout and text size to the device that is used.

To follow-up is to retain clients.

The customer experience sheet.

After a questionnaire has been completed, you will be able to review answers and feedback directly. You may also receive email alerts if certain ‘negative’ answers have been given so you may deal with such issues right away.

High-level benchmarking.

Analyse respons and performance.

In addition to individual feedback you are in interested in developments and trend within your branch(es). The package offers various kinds of reporting out-of-the-box. Not enough? No worries! We can configure fully tailor made dashboards based on your specific needs as well.

Transparency through your website.

Display results on your website.

For optimal transparency towards (future) customers, you may also display the most important results of your survey on your website directly. This can be combined with certain answers to open questions.

Interested? Contact one of our automotive specialists for a demonstration now.