Sales Monitor

An online tool that analyses lead, offer, sales and after- sales data within your DMS and provides you with clear and realtime reports on different organisational levels.

The salesfunnel made clear.

The WEBSOLVE sales monitor is in constant contact with your Dealer Management System (DMS) and analyses all customer contact moments therein.

Based on the type of contact moment the entries are assigned a specific phase within the sales funnel(i.e. phases within the sales process that follow each other) and are presented in a very clear and valueable way to you.

You may view the data on various organisational levels, making it possible for you to benchmark between different branches and members of your sales staff.

Always informed.

Each phase has its place.

The salesfunnel in detail.

The WEBSOLVE sales monitor analyses customer contact moments in your DMS and presents these based on the phases within your salesfunnel. From leads to test drives and from sales to vehicle deliveries.

In the scheme below you can see the most important contact moments that belong to different phases within the salesfunnel.

Crucial contact moments, in every phase:


From the importer

From digital channels

From the showroom


Lead follow-up

Test drive


Offers made

Offer follow-up


Sales agreement


Lost order


Planned delivery

Vehicle delivery

Happy call

Compare your branches.

Sales monitor: branches

In the first level of the sales monitor you can see an overview of all your branches. Here, you may filter the presented data based on a certain timeframe, group of customers and the origin of leads. The sales monitor also calculates the sales potential that exists and displays how many contacts currently need attention urgently.

Benchmark your sales staff.

Sales monitor: sales staff

The second level of the sales monitor provides an overview of all sales staff that is working within a certain branch.

The deepest level of customer contact.

Sales monitor: per customer

In this third and deepest level you may view the current contact moments that exist for the salesperson you selected. This overview makes clear how sales process are developing and where your attention may be needed urgently.

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