Mailing Campaigns

Create personalised mailings and select hyper-relevant audiences straight from your DMS. Analyse results based on new visits in your showroom and workshop.

Stay ‘top-of-mind’ with your customers.

Mailing Campaigns by WEBSOLVE offers you a unique set of functions. It links up with your DMS and enables you to filter through your customer database. Using our powerful template builder, you can create beautiful mailings which you can send to large hyper-relevant audiences with ease. After sending, you can evaluate effectiveness based on new visits in your workshop and showroom.

Your dealership, always in reach.

Templates that will maximise productivity.

Create powerful templates.

Build your own templates or let WEBSOLVE do this for you. With the template- builder your can be sure that you have the right base for your campaigns.

1. General layout
2. Add elements
3. Add default content
4. View the result

Beautiful mailings, made quickly.

Fast campaign creation.

Based on the template you have chosen, campaign creation is done quickly. You just need to add relevant content and put in details such as subject and sender.

1. Set subject & sender deta 2. Add content 3. Test the mailing

Select your audience straight from your DMS.

Create hyper-relevant audiences.

Using the customer selection module you are able to apply very precise filters on your DMS customer data. You can use the result as an audience for your campaign.Of course you may also import users from other system and external lists into the package and use those details to send mailings to.

1. Vehicle filters
2. Customer filters
3. Fetch results
4. Start the campaign

Send out campaigns quickly to large audiences.

Sending is as easy as 3 clicks.

You have now prepared your campaign and selected a hyper-relevant audience. Now it’s time to send out your mailing. This too is easy: select the campaign to send out and when you want to send it, the package will do the rest!

Select campaign and plan the moment to send

Extensive insights into receipts and behavior.

Inside a campaign’s performance

Straight after sending out your campaign, results will become available regarding receipt and opening by your recipients. In addition, you are able to evaluate how your mailings are opened (location and device) and which links convert best in terms of clicks.

Measure conversions based on new customer contacts.

DMS contact moment analysis.

Thanks to the unique link with your DMS, the package is able to show not only regular statistics, but also detailed analysis based on the number of new contact moments that are created after a campaign has been sent out. This for both your workshop and your showroom.

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