Lead Manager

One central location to which all your new leads can be sent. Using clever tools, you can perform uniform lead follow-up and optimise conversion rates.

All your leads in one location.

The lead manager solution, built by WEBSOLVE, aims to help automotive dealerships process incoming leads more effectively and optimise conversions.

The tool offers a central location leads can be sent to, where they are processed to make them uniform, after which they are then distributed to be followed-up.

Follow-up status and conversion results can be monitored in realtime using extensive reports and statistics.

Get the most out of each new opportunity.

Let’s end the choas.

Optimal lead distribution.

Each dealership has many different types of leads and often even more ways of distributing and working with them. But no worries! Be it leads for new or used vehicles, for existing or new customers, through your own channels or through external lead sources, the lead manager tool lets you manage distribution for each type of lead and lets your configure how and when leads are followed-up.

  • Follow-up is configured per lead group.
  • Realtime link with major lead providers.
  • Simple configuration, manageable by you.
  • Import other leads using your own files.

Link up with all your lead providers.

Leads need to be ruled.

Lead manager offers links with al major providers of leads, for example AutoTrack, Auto Trade, Marktplaats, Hexon and RDC. Using rules, you decide which leads flow into which group and with that, how a lead will be followed-up.

Great follow-up is what turns leads into customers.

Claiming and following-up.

New leads that are coming in through the various lead providers can be claimed by the responsible persons within your organisation. Using quick wizards, your colleagues are guided in following up a lead properly and quickly.

Quality and speed lead to conversion.

Get in touch and report.

Lead manager lets you process leads as quickly and effective as possible. Follow-up through telephone or email is streamlined using clear and clever wizards.

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Seamless integration with your DMS.

Smartly linking with your DMS.

The lead manager tool communicates with your DMS in realtime. It is able to send new customers and contacts directly to your DMS. Users determine when and how a lead is sent to the DMS. In addition, new lead details can be matched to your DMS customer database to avoid double entries and you can add leads as new contact moments to existing customers.

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