Customer Portal

Connect your website to your DMS customer data and let drivers manage their personal details, vehicle information and workshop appointments.

Open your branch 24 hours a day.

WEBSOLVE's Customer Portal offers your customers an online platform where they are able to manage personal and vehicle details, and make appointments to visit your workshop.

Drivers use links in service and satisfaction related email messages and newsletters you send out.

It is also possible to login directly, using a combination of customer number and vehicle registration number.

Everything under one (online) roof

Save valuable time and improve your data.

Updating personal and contact details.

Updating address and contact details has been made very straightforward and any changes are sent directly to your DMS.

Let your customer decide which messages to receive.

Managing contact preferences and vehicle details.

The Customer Portal also offers functionality where users are able to indicate what type of messages they wish to receive from you. In addition,an overview of current vehicles is available and drivers can add any missing vehicles directly.

A new front door that never closes.

Your branch, found quickly.

The Customer Portal knows which branch belongs to which driver and always shows the correct contact details of that branch. This way, a driver can always contact his branch quickly. In addition, drivers are able to schedule an appointment in the workshop directly, using the appointment form.

New appointments made easy.

Scheduling appointments in your workshop, fast and easy.

Using the integrated appointment form, drivers can schedule workshop visits fast and easy, indicating the vehicle that will be coming and the type of works that needs to be done.

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