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Our solutions

Websites designed to create a digital gateway to your brand.
Create beautiful mailings and let clients subscribe using your website.
Provide login protected website access to clients and members.
An online event registration tool that will optimize all your events
Only your customers know future trends. So ask them which.

Combine them,
and magic happens

Online marketing in one package

All solutions integrate seamlessly. So while your website takes care of registering new members, you are sending out a stunning e-mail campaign for your event to your members.

In the campaign you have put a link to the event registration form that you've place on your site. When the event is over, you will send participants a survey asking what can be improved next time.

Want proof?
Check out our work.

High-end solutions for high-end brands

It is websolve's mission to help the world’s organisations achieve their goals, by offering them high quality and accessible online solutions. For over 14 years, we have been doing just that. Below is a selection of cases to give you an impression of what is possible.

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Case 01.


SOOON is an outerware specialist, producing primarily (imitation) leather and woven jackets throughout Asia. The company is truly special because of their mission: to bring sustainability in garment production to Asia.

Websolve took care of their website, which is something special as well. This is what we call a fully responsive bootstrap based one-page website concept.

Case 02.

Workshop performance at Peugeot

PGA Nederland is the holding company for a great number of car dealerships for brands like Peugeot, Renault and Opel. PGA believes in transparency and communication with their customers and employees.

With our research package we enable PGA to easily set up and send surveys in their own corporate style. Results of the surveys are made clear in graphics and analysis is made automatically in realtime.

This way PGA can improve their company by better understanding their customers.

Case 03.

Communities and Rot.Jong

Rot.Jong is a network founded in 2012, aimed at highly educated Young Professionals in the Rotterdam Area in the Netherlands.

The network organises a wide range of activities in order to bind its members. The events can have different formats including sport tournaments, lunch events and evening drinks.

For its website, member administration and online event communication, registration and planning, websolve packages were implementend succesfully.

Case 04.

Mailings for BMW & MINI

For BMW, websolve did something really special. We linked the Mailing & SMS package to BMW's CRM, Autoline. Based on this data, we provide advanced tools with which BMW is able to make any type of customer selection.

Based on these profiles, BMW is able to create any type of campaign to promote new models and events. Mailings look professional, are personalized and work on any type of device.

The success rate of any campaign can be measured in terms of opens and clicks, but also in visits to showrooms and new cars that were ordered. That's we call, end-to-end marketing.

Case 05.

Tilburg May market

The Tilburg May market is a yearly occuring garage sale type fair smack down in the middle of the centre of Tilburg.

Due to its popularity, the number of people interested in hiring stands for the market is big. Websolve set up the events module so that online registration goes down smoothly.

The registration features online payment, automatic registration limiting and automatic PDF confirmations.